Pro-Choice Texans are resilient, unafraid and powerful. 

Since the election, eyes across the country have turned to Texas - because pro-choice Texans have been fighting against extreme conservative leaders for years. And because of people just like you, our movement has only grown stronger. 

You make this fight possible. Your gift today will change the game in 2018. 

This year, Texas Legislature passed even more restrictions on abortion care - forcing people to bury or cremate embryonic remains, banning private insurance companies from including abortion in their basic healthcare plans, and effectively banning second trimester abortions by outlawing the safest available procedures.

One state representative even went so far as to file a bill that would have made it a crime to get an abortion in Texas. And our well-funded anti-abortion opposition was right there, cheering him on.

 Just last month, the Trump administration and our state leaders teamed up to hold a young immigrant woman hostage in order to force her to carry her pregnancy to term. Thankfully, the courts intervened, and she was able to access abortion care despite their best efforts to stop her. 

That's because you are a part of a resilient, abortion-forward movement. You aren't afraid to speak up, because you know that pro-choice Texans are the majority in our state. And a majority is a powerful thing. 

With your gift today, you will fuel the pro-choice movement in Texas. Together, we can win. 


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